Our Consultants

Jim Powell

Jim Powell works as an independent energy efficiency and renewable energy consultant to states, local governments and industry.  He is the owner and principal consultant for NORAVA Consulting LLC.  NORAVA Consulting provides a number of services related to energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives such as the identification of funding sources, liaison and partnership building with state and federal government agencies, development of funding proposal documentation and support for project reporting and project management. As a former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Department of Energy and former Federal Representative to the Southern States Energy Board, Jim uses both his technical knowledge and essential relationships developed over his career to give clients an advantage in completing energy and environmental projects and securing funding and partners for those projects.

W. Dwight Bailey, Sr.

Dwight has over 40 years of increasingly progressive experience as an energy and environmental management professional at the municipal and Federal government levels. Dwight works with utility and, public and private clients in developing and managing energy efficiency and clean energy projects. Dwight interprets federal regulations and funding opportunity announcements, and writes grants for local, state and federal funding. Dwight also helps build strategic public/private partnerships necessary for successful management and completion of projects. Dwight retired from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 2012 after over 12 years of service as a Program/Project Officer for solar and wind energy projects.

Lisa Hollingsworth Gamblin

Lisa Hollingsworth Gamblin assists private and utility clients with interpreting and meeting government requirements, developing and running government-related programs, and writing and reviewing Federal and state grants.  Lisa’s strengths include technical writing, problem-solving, and project facilitation and planning in the energy and environmental fields. Lisa served as a program manager for the U.S. Department of Energy for 15 years where she participated in selection committees, served as a national lab site’s Air Quality Manager, oversaw development of environmental impact statements, and promoted energy efficiency and renewable energy with Federal agencies and through the ENERGY STAR program. 

Lew Goidell

Lew Goidell has over 35 years of experience in managing all phases of environmental management programs, including regulatory compliance (especially in hazardous waste management), environmental research, natural resource management, waste management (both radioactive and non-radioactive wastes), and environmental remediation. He is also an experienced project/program manager, having led project and program teams to successfully execute projects with funding levels of $30–60 million annually. Additionally, he has experience in the transportation of hazardous materials per U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) transportation requirements. He has also successfully negotiated major regulatory agreements and improved relations with stakeholder groups.

Beverly Johnston

Beverly works as a consultant for NORAVA Consulting LLC assisting clients during the application process on energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Beverly retired from the Department of Energy (DOE) in January 2004 after a 31 year career with the U. S. Government.  During her federal career Beverly served as the program manager on two different programs, the Institutional Conservation Program (ICP) for the Kansas City Regional Office and the State Energy Program (SEP) at the Denver Regional office.  In this capacity she was responsible for providing guidance and technical assistance to States and other grantees in the development, award and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects. 

Traci Leath

Traci Leath completed a decade of service with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The majority of her service was in DOE’s Southeast Regional Office.

Within the Southeast Regional Office, Traci worked with a vast array of stakeholders with the objective to promote economic productivity and environmental sustainability through commercialization and accelerated adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and practices. Her work included coordinating the efforts of other team members and engineers to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, distributed energy, and improved utility management decision projects. Traci was intricately involved in reviewing and administering funds and reviewing grant applications designed to implement program elements.

Jerry Zimmer

Jerry Zimmer retired from the Department of Energy in 2007 after serving 34 years with DOE and its predecessor agencies (Atomic Energy Commission & Energy Research and Development Administration). Throughout his entire career, Jerry worked in the procurement arena comprised of both acquisition (contracting) and financial assistance (grants and cooperative agreements). Jerry started his career in the Chicago Operations Offices (CH) serving in various capacities. Originally he was a Contract Specialist administering university research awards and later negotiating and administering Management and Operating (M&O) contracts for several DOE National Laboratories. As a Contracting Officer, he supervised a staff responsible for both acquisition and financial assistance awards. Later he was a Division Director responsible for developing policy for CH’s five M&O Laboratories, including the performance-based contracting aspects.