W. Dwight Bailey, Sr.

Dwight has over 40 years of increasingly progressive experience as an energy and environmental management professional at the municipal and Federal government levels. Dwight works with utility and, public and private clients in developing and managing energy efficiency and clean energy projects.

Dwight interprets federal regulations and funding opportunity announcements, and writes grants for local, state and federal funding. Dwight also helps build strategic public/private partnerships necessary for successful management and completion of projects. Dwight retired from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 2012 after over 12 years of service as a Program/Project Officer for solar and wind energy projects.

As a Technical Project Officer at DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Dwight managed wind energy projects from merit reviews through closeouts serving on review committees and writing funding opportunity announcements for federally funded projects in New England, Mid Atlantic and Southeastern states. Dwight started with DOE in the Southeast Regional Office (11 states including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) as a Program Manager for the “Million Solar Roofs” program where he organized state and non-profit based strategic partnerships committed to increasing rooftop solar installations in their respective states and localities. Dwight also served as Program Manager for the “Wind Powering America” Program where he developed 6 state Wind Working Groups which developed strategic roadmaps for increasing land based and offshore wind installations in their respective states and territories. Dwight was honored to receive the Wind Powering America Lifetime Achievement Award at the 11th Annual All-States Summit in 2012.

Prior to his Federal service, Dwight worked for the City of Chicago first as a Senior Energy Planner in the Department of Planning and Development, and then as the Department of Environment Deputy Commissioner for Energy Management where he managed a large staff that provided utility franchise oversight, policy development and project implementation for district energy in downtown Chicago, building codes, emergency response, and energy efficiency retrofits of City facilities. Dwight also created the “Chicago Power Alliance,” a consortium of City of Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority and City Park District power users (combined 300 MW) to purchase power on the deregulated market. Dwight, in partnership with DOE, recruited a solar manufacturing firm to Chicago and negotiated a $1 million per year contract for PV sales between the company and the City. During the early years in the development of the solar industry, Dwight negotiated an $8 million contract between the local electric utility, Commonwealth and the PV manufacturing firm for a 250 KW solar purchase contract as part of a larger $100 million settlement.

Dwight also worked for the City of New Orleans initially in energy and environmental management planning positions where he spearheaded the creation of the Mayor’s Office Energy Planning leading up to his tenure as Deputy Director of Economic Analysis providing revenue and expenditure forecasting for the annual City operating budget and publishing analytic reports on the local economy. Dwight has a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New Orleans and spends time with his wife of 45 years in Stone Mountain GA and part-time in Honolulu, HI with his five grandchildren.