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We provide a range of technical assistance support services

Identification of Funding Sources

Identifying funding sources from different Federal and State agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, available for energy and environmental projects. Funding opportunities include those available from continuous and non-recurring funding and technical assistance resources available through Federal agencies, State government, and National Laboratories.

Liaison and Partnership Building

Facilitating communications with Federal and State government personnel and others who may offer benefits for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Benefits can include funding, in-kind contributions, or a partnership that helps make renewable energy and energy efficiency projects more competitive for available funding. We are also skilled at securing key project partner participation.

Development of Funding Proposal Documentation

Developing or providing assistance in the development of proposal application documentation. We use our extensive experience in developing proposals and serving on selection panels in the government sector to ensure applications meet all proposal requirements and are also written to best align the project and proposal to be rated highly. Proposals are written to communicate the benefits and applicability that best position the projects to receive full funding.

Support for Project Reporting and Project Management

Assisting with Federal and State government reporting requirements and forms after the projects have been selected for funding, including assistance with any project modifications needed after the project is awarded, periodic reporting, and project close-out reports.

Award Negotiation Assistance

Providing support during the negotiation phase with the Federal agency after application selection. This assistance covers the range of technical, administrative, and financial requirements including intellectual property and patent requirements, data security plans, budget justification strategy, indirect cost rate proposal development, payment provision options and development of the award’s terms and conditions. Assistance would also cover completing both standard Federal forms and agency-specific forms.

Waste Disposition

Developing sampling and analysis plans, assessing data to determine waste classification, identifying treatment paths if necessary, determining packaging needs, preparing waste profiles, and identifying disposal options. We can assist with the coordination of regulators and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

Environmental Remediation

Performing planning for characterization and remediation of waste sites to address environmental constituents and associated risks.  Develop sampling and analysis plans, identify potential remediation options, and prepare regulatory documents.  Coordinate with regulators and assist in stakeholder interactions.

Environmental Compliance Support

Providing support to complete Federal and State government environmental and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation.

Qualifying Facility

Coordinate and submit documentation to become a Qualifying Facility (QF) under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). QF status may help in negotiations with potential lenders or utility purchasers. When an applicant files a self-certification or application for FERC certification of QF status, it must at the same time provide a copy of the filing to the utilities with which the facility will transact, as well as to state Public Service Commissions.

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